Street Photography

I enjoy Street Photography and I also believe it is a good way to practice for Wedding Photography because it gives you the chance to practice different techniques without being under any pressure. I love shooting all kinds of scenes on the streets anything from everyday boring life to people who want to stand out and be noticed.

Street photography also challenges you as a photographer to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. It is very difficult to approch strangers and ask them for a photo when you have not met them before, but once you do it and have a sucess at it you become more confident and get better. I have always worked with people and I love meeting new people and finding out a story they may have.

Relating street photography to wedding photography is not that difficult I seldom know people at a wedding and it is my job to get the best possible photos of total strangers apart from the Bride and Groom who I will have met before the big day. Putting what I have leaned into practice with street photography into wedding photography works a treat.

All urburn photography fasinates me but I much prefer shooting people than buildings and I love shooting people in their enviroment like their work place or surrounding areas. There are always people who I find interesting and who have stories to tell just by their self image. I hope you like my street photos and many thanks for looking, if you have any comments I would love to hear them, just pop them in the comments section below the photos thanks. :)

Photography for Rochdale , Oldham , Bury and Manchester.

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